Lordi Monster, monster
L - Lordi


Tekstovi pjesama - Lordi Monster, monsterIt took me down ( by surprise )
i m on hte groung ( paralyzed )
Tryin not the breathe
cause I know I ll be found

Dray the Lord ( my soul to keep )
Till I m sore ( like a hammer )
It s pounding me until I m driven in

I would be damned if I
Ever fell but could I tell
I would be damned if I do
I m damned if I do
This time I ll go for the kill

Monster, monster
I can t take this hell no more
Beast be gone
Something s gotta give
Monster, monster
Gonna throw you out of the door
I will die and the other shall live

You taught me ( everything that I )
Shouldn t say ( everything that I )
Shouldn t do and now I m defyin you

Lordi Monster, monster

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